Wood Types

The J. Novo ultra-thin wooden headjoint for the concert flute is made from African Blackwood, commonly referred to as Grenadilla wood. It is also available in Brazilian Purpleheart, North American Maple, European Boxwood, Cuban Acana, and other exotic hardwoods when available. Our Grenadilla headjoints are made from carefully selected premium grade Grenadilla wood – the same type of wood that is used for making professional oboes and clarinets. The Grenadilla wood that we use has been seasoning on racks for over 70 years now and is among the best in the industry. This makes them extremely stable and very reliable. Grenadilla wood of this high quality is very rare to find these days (see http://www.blackwoodconservation.org/index.html#map).
Moreover, we prefer to leave our Grenadilla wood in its natural color: a black to dark brown color. We never dye our wood black, as most makers do, to hide imperfections and make them all one uniform color. So, what you see is what you get! Most importantly, our Grenadilla wood is subjected to a special proprietary treatment and will not need oiling as often as other instruments made from this same wood. (Please note: Grenadilla is NOT ebony. Ebony cannot be used for woodwinds because it is too dry and cracks very easily after prolonged exposure to moisture. Only the cheaper wind instruments are made from ebony. Beware of cheap imitations.) Since Purpleheart, Maple, and Boxwood are much softer woods than Grenadilla, headjoints made from these woods produce a sound that is a little bit darker than that produced by the Grenadilla headjoint. The softer the wood, the darker the tone. The harder the wood, the brighter the tone. Nevertheless, Grenadilla wood is – BY FAR – the best wood available for woodwind instrument manufacture.

All of our headjoints are backed with a two year warranty against cracks.

Many flutists have discovered the pure delight of playing on a J. Novo wooden headjoint. And now, so can you!


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