Theobald Boehm

Theobald Boehm’s Personal Recommendation

Theobald Boehm Flute Inventor Thinned Wooden Headjoint

Interestingly enough, it was Mr. Theobald Boehm himself, the famous inventor of the modern flute, who strongly recommended the wooden headjoint and metal body combination over 150 years ago! In the very popular book: “The Flute and Flute Playing,” by Theobald Boehm (translated by Dayton C. Miller), we find the following on p. 56:

“Boehm frequently combined two materials, making the body of silver and the head of wood. It was in his later years that he most strongly advocated this combination…”

As the above statement clearly shows, Mr. Theobald Boehm, the inventor of the modern flute, not only preferred the sound of a wooden headjoint, but he also strongly urged the flute players of his time – his clients – to use the combination of a silver (metal) body with a wooden headjoint. In this regard, Mr. Novo made the following comment:

“Mr. Boehm’s thinking, as always, was – and still is – very clear. Metal is best for the body because it eliminates the cracked tone holes and intonation problems of wood due to weather changes, accidents, etc., and wood is certainly the best material for the headjoint, because the beauty of the sound produced by a properly constructed wooden headjoint is unmatched by any other material on Earth. (Note: Cracks are much easier to repair on wooden headjoints than on wooden bodies with tone holes.) I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Boehm’s recommendation, wisdom, and professional counsel to all flutists of all generations regarding the superiority of the wooden headjoint,” said Mr. Novo. “Moreover, I am very proud to be able to continue this honorable recommendation and work of Theobald Boehm: the greatest instrument maker of all time. And although it is true that nothing can ever be absolutely perfect in this life, I believe my ultra-thin design has brought the wooden headjoint very close to perfection.”

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