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How can you play the flute better? Or better yet, how can you get the best tone, the best sound, the richest sound out of your flute? The answer is: by using a wooden headjoint (mouthpiece) on your metal flute. And the best wooden headjoints made today are made by Mr. J. Novo using African Blackwood, also known as Grenadilla wood. African Blackwood is the wood that is used by all major manufacturers to make intermediate and professional level clarinets, oboes and flutes.

Interestingly enough, it was Mr. Theobald Boehm himself, the famous inventor of the modern flute, who strongly recommended using the combination of a wooden headjoint on a metal body, and he recommended this over 150 years ago! In his very popular book: “The Flute and Flute Playing,” (translated by Dayton C. Miller), we find the following on p. 56: “Boehm frequently combined two materials, making the body of silver and the head of wood. It was in his later years that he most strongly advocated this combination…”

As the above statement clearly shows, Mr. Theobald Boehm, the inventor of the modern flute, not only preferred the sound of a wooden headjoint, but he also strongly urged the flute players of his time – his clients – to use the combination of a silver (metal) body with a wooden headjoint. In this regard, Mr. Novo made the following comment:

“Mr. Boehm’s thinking, as always, was – and still is – very clear. Metal is best for the body because it eliminates the cracked tone holes and intonation problems of wood due to weather changes, accidents, etc., and wood is certainly the best material for the headjoint, because the beauty of the sound produced by a properly constructed wooden headjoint is unmatched by any other material on Earth. (Note: Cracks are much easier to repair on wooden headjoints than on wooden bodies with tone holes.) I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Boehm’s recommendation, wisdom, and professional counsel to all flutists of all generations regarding the superiority of the wooden headjoint,” said Mr. Novo. “Moreover, I am very proud to be able to continue this honorable recommendation and work of Theobald Boehm: the greatest instrument maker of all time. And although it is true that nothing can ever be absolutely perfect in this life, I believe my ultra-thin design has brought the wooden headjoint very close to perfection.”

Mr. Novo has advanced the design of the thinned wooden headjoint to a level that has not been equaled to date. The J. Novo ultra-thin wooden headjoint for the concert metal flute produces a strikingly rich sound. Its elegant fullness of tone, gorgeous resonance, excellent sound projection, and ease of playing places it in a class all its own and exemplifies the zenith of wooden headjoint manufacture. Every headjoint is truly a work of art. The smooth, soft, and warm feel of the wood on the lower lip provides for a much more pleasurable performance compared to the hard and cold feel of a metal lip plate, and the anti-slip texture of the wood prevents the lip from slipping around when wet. Therefore, lip position is actually more secure on a J. Novo wooden headjoint than on any metal lip plate, plain or engraved. Moreover, as an added bonus, the high register notes are much easier to play on a J. Novo wooden headjoint than on any other headjoint, metal or wood, due to the many unique features combined into one. You get a big, rich, gorgeous sound and ease of playing at an affordable price.

If you want a BIG, dark, and rich sound from your metal flute, and also the ability to play those difficult high notes with ease, the J. Novo wooden headjoint is not only the most economical way to achieve these goals but also the quickest. In other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and practice for years to get a big, beautiful sound and master those difficult high notes.

You can achieve both of these goals – INSTANTLY- with the J. Novo wooden headjoint.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out The proof that all the above is true is contained in the testimonials written by the lucky owners of those extraordinary headjoints. Please click on the Testimonials link to read what they have to say about the J. Novo wooden headjoint, then buy one yourself and join them!


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