Piccolo Headjoints

Our piccolo headjoints, available in either Grenadilla, Maple, Boxwood, or Purpleheart, will fit most piccolos. They will fit the Haynes, Powell, Brannen, Burkart, Yamaha, Zentner, Gemeinhardt, and many other professional model and intermediate model piccolos. If your piccolo is sterling silver or silver plated, this handmade wooden headjoint will make it sound like a wooden piccolo. It will give your metal piccolo that beautiful full-bodied tone that only wood can give. (The Boxwood, Maple, and Purpleheart headjoints produce a slightly darker sound than the Grenadilla headjoints.) And if your piccolo is made from wood, our newly designed headjoint will greatly improve its response, tone, articulation, and intonation. Guaranteed to make your piccolo really sing!
On the other hand, if your piccolo is not a professional model and you’ve been thinking of buying a professional piccolo but you are undecided because you don’t really use it that much, save your money! You don’t have to buy another piccolo! This professional handmade headjoint will dramatically improve and transform your metal, plastic, or wood intermediate piccolo into a beautiful sounding instrument. One happy customer said:
“I received the headjoint last week and it plays great on my silver Haynes piccolo. I notice a big improvement in response throughout the entire range, but particularly in the extreme high register. Thank you for a great headjoint. I look forward to using it for many years. Also, the tone is very beautiful.”
Another happy customer said:
“I love both the flute and piccolo wooden headjoints. The people that hear me play that flute headjoint say it is just beautiful, nothing like they’ve ever heard. Everyone LOVES that wooden flute headjoint! You ought to hear the comments I get….And the high notes on the piccolo are also very easy with your headjoint, whereas they were hard on the original Haynes headjoint. I can play up to high B on the piccolo, although I never need anything past high A. Thank you for all your help with the headjoints and for the fine work that you do with them.”


Please specify which bore style you need:
  • Conical bore headjoint: This headjoint will fit the cylindrical bore piccolo.
  • Cylindrical bore headjoint: This headjoint will fit the conical bore piccolo.


There are now two J. Novo embouchure hole styles to choose from for the piccolo headjoint:
  • The Baroque style: an oval shaped embouchure hole that produces a very sweet and mellow sound. However, it will still cut through an Orchestra when necessary.
  • The Standard style: a square shaped embouchure hole that produces a brighter and more powerful sound than the Baroque.


The retail price of the J. Novo Grenadilla piccolo headjoint is $ 950.00, but you can purchase one now during our special sale this month for only $ 650.00. You can also purchase two piccolo headjoints – with different embouchure holes – for only $ 1,250.00 during this sale.
Since all of our headjoints are made by hand to order, all sales are final. No exchanges or returns permitted.