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Hi Juan!
I received the wooden headjoint today that you made for my Emerson Robert Dick model bass flute and I love it! I checked it against my tuner in all octaves and it plays perfectly in tune in all octaves with the headjoint pulled out about 1/4 in, which is where I like to be on all my flutes. The lower register is particularly well in tune; more so than the silver head that came with it which always seemed a bit flat down there. Also, the note transition seems particularly smooth. I played some Bach cello sonatas (adapted for low flutes) and it was glorious–much better than the original metal headjoint. I particularly like the nice thick wide lip plate; the flute sits so securely and comfortably–no wobble, no slippage– and with the big flutes that’s very important. And the Mother of Pearl crown is beautiful. I ‘m happy as a clam; got exactly what I wanted and thank you from the bottom of my heart. One final thing, I can put as much air as I want through it and the sound doesn’t crack. So thanks again Juan.
M. Jensen. NYC.
I tried all the wooden headjoints that were for sale at the NFA convention on my Powell flute, and I mean ALL of them. I tried the American ones, the European ones, the Australian ones, and I must honestly say that none of them played quite as good as the J. Novo wooden headjoint. The J. Novo headjoint, in my honest opinion, is the best wooden headjoint on the market today.
G. Pena
Miami, FL
Dear Juan,
The head joint arrived on Saturday, 29 September [2012]. It fulfills all my expectations. I think the combination with a parabolic grenadilla head joint and a cylindrical silver piccolo body is the most perfect piccolo I have ever tried. This combination gives a full tone in the bottom notes and brilliant top notes from the grenadilla wood. I could say I am a kind of specialist since I have two wooden piccolos and two silver ones, and now I have a 5th perfect option. Best regards.
M. Friis
I have been using your head joint for about 6 months now and I have to let you know how many compliments I have gotten on my “Rich tone”. I play a lot of Celtic music and sold my Irish flute because my silver flute, with your headjoint, is superior in every way to the Irish flute.
This flute is a joy to play because I can hit the low and high registers easily and with beautiful tone. Once again, thank you for your talents.
A. Yost
Your wooden headjoint is fantastic! The low notes on my Haynes flute are louder and clearer than ever before. I played duets with a friend and the blend and sonority of the ensemble was greatly enhanced by your headjoint. Your wooden headjoint gives a complex tone with lots of overtones and this richness makes a good ensemble blend. The solo sound is just what I want, too. Tone preference is very personal, and your wooden headjoint gives me the tone I have been looking for. I am very pleased with the headjoint and the whole process of purchasing it.
Best regards,
J. Baker.
S.F., California

Querido Juan
El Headjoint llegó ayer martes a mediodía. La verdad es que no lo esperaba tan pronto. He tenido que adaptar un poco el tenon porque no entraba, pero ya está solucionado. Suena de maravilla, y consigo, sin haberla trabajado, dinámicas que no conseguía fácilmente con mi headjoint de Haynes, que es muy buena. Gracias por todo y que Dios te guarde muchos años.
Tuyo sinceramente,
G. Martinez-Garcia
[English Translation: The headjoint arrived yesterday at noon. I really didn’t expect it so soon. I had to modify the tenon slightly because it didn’t fit, but it is fine now. It sounds marvelous, and I can achieve with little effort dynamics that are harder to get with my Haynes headjoint, which is a very good headjoint. Thank you for everything and may God keep you for many years to come. Sincerely yours. G. Martinez-Garcia, Spain]
Hello Juan,
The headjoint sounds great! Better than my original Muramatsu headjoint. It seems to be a very good headjoint.
Thank you so much for everything Juan.
F. Damien.
Montpellier, FRANCE
Dear Juan
First, let me thank you for cleaning up my Brannen flute while you had it. It looks very sharp. I have spent several days playing the two wooden headjoints I purchased from you in both the Brannen & the Yamaha flutes I own. I also compared your headjoints with a gold Brannen headjoint that I have. I spent a lot of time on the chromatic tuner comparing the octaves and noticing the difference in the feel between the original Brannen silver headjoint, the gold headjoint, and your wooden headjoints. I am now becoming very comfortable with the wood. It feels good against the lip – not cold or slippery. The 2nd & 3rd octaves are clear & easy to play, and quoting my wife, they sound “softer”. Chromatically speaking, your headjoints are identical with the Brannen headjoints. The lower octave is softer & sweeter on the wooden headjoint, but I have not yet mastered the pedal note easily – as was typical of my experience on all my flutes. Basically, the wooden headjoints sound the same on the Yamaha & the Brannen. The Brannen silver headjoint & the Brannen gold headjoint are more brilliant and edgy sounding in the 3rd register compared to your wooden headjoint, and personally, I prefer the sound produced by your wooden headjoint. In addition, your headjoints play more easily in the 3rd octave than the Brannen headjoints, and in this quick response I find your headjoints very pleasing and indeed preferable. Your headjoints are of the highest quality. They add a softness to the upper registers that I had always wanted and had been searching for. Lastly let me say that it was very pleasurable to work with you. You are straightforward, knowledgeable, highly competent, trustworthy, efficient, and a great craftsman. I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone.
A. Acosta.
Seal Bch., California
Dear Juan
My Brannen flute really sings now. I can’t believe the sound I am getting from your wooden headjoint. It is truly beautiful and quite amazing to me. I never thought I could get that sound from my flute. Everyone who hears it falls in love with it. You were right! I love this headjoint now. Thank you so much for all your help, patience, and fine work. I can’t thank you enough.
N.Y., N.Y.
Hello Juan
I am thrilled!! And I am touched. I am thrilled with the responsiveness and richness of sound. It is more that I imagined it could be. And, I am sure I can get even more from it after I have played it for a while. The people in my group heard the difference as soon as I started playing in rehearsal yesterday afternoon. I am touched because your art has produced something that adds such beauty to the world. It is a particularly wonderful kind of legacy. Thank you for the dedication to your art.
J. Liberti.
Colorado Springs, CO.
Dear Mr. Novo,
I received the headjoint last week and it plays great on my silver Haynes piccolo. I notice a big improvement in response throughout the entire range, but particularly in the extreme high register. Thank you for a great headjoint. I look forward to using it for many years. Also, the tone is very beautiful.
M. Smith.
Wash. D.C.
Juan ~
Wow! In my 25 years of playing, I’ve owned a Haynes, a Pearl, and the Natsuki you fitted. Always been searching for the most responsive “easy to play” flute possible. After all these years, countless searching, you mean to tell me all I really needed was a J. Novo headjoint? *smile*
My tone has now come “alive” in a way I never knew existed. The responsiveness is nothing short of amazing. I’ve always equated a richer more vibrant tone with requiring more “force”, but your headjoint seems to practically play itself. The “acid test” of playing that pesky high E natural? It just comes right out now.
Have I said “Wow” yet?
Know anyone who wants an old silver Natsuki headjoint? Mine’s going to be gathering a lot of tarnish now…
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
R. Ford.
Long Bch, CA
Hi Juan,
I am e-mailing you to let you know I played the flute half the night last night! I love it!! It actually
feels like a “new/better” flute and the sound IS out of this world….you were right! I can’t wait to
get it into church tomorrow for practice and hear it there. I will have to get used to the wood smell
and feel – no more cold silver feeling on my chin – yeah! Juan, I cannot thank you enough for your
confidence you projected in your gift in making the headjoints and the encouragement you gave me.
I am so happy! Thank you for being a blessing to me in so MANY ways! I wish you and your business
all the best….
D. Williams.
N.Tonawanda, N.Y.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the headjoint. Every time I play, the music sounds so crisp and clear and adds a new dimension to the notes played. I appreciate everything you have given to me and there are no words big enough to describe how happy I am!
D. Williams
N.Tonawanda, N.Y.
Hi Juan,
This headjoint has changed my flute playing so much …The joy from inside me is really difficult to explain. It is the difference between night and day. I think of you when I play and thank you over and over again. Getting a great sound was always my downfall and I had learned to live with it. But not anymore! Living without the ‘problem’ has set me free and I am able to really enjoy the music now, thanks to your fantastic headjoint. I can only imagine how many other customers you have set free too…. Keep up the great work !
D. Williams
N.Tonawanda, N.Y.
Hello Juan,
The headjoint arrived today and I am very pleased with it.
It always takes me a while to get used to a new headjoint but on first impressions I think it’s brilliant. It will need a slight adjustment to make the tenon bigger but it is possible to play it now. The next time I am in London, probably next month, I will get a flute technician I know make the adjustment. I particularly like the comfortable feel of it on the lips. Many thanks for all your E-mail responses.
I. J. Gray.
Leeds, U.K.
Hi Juan —
I just got my flute and I love the headjoint! The low register has a beautiful mellow sound,
and the high register just sings! It makes my tired old flute sound marvelous.
Thanks for your outstanding work and your patience.
J. Poplar.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hello Juan,
I received my flute and the new headjoint yesterday. My flute looks and sounds great after you overhauled it!!! I could tell the difference immediately – it had become rather leaky. Thank you for your work!! How do I keep it from tarnishing in those little crevices? The wooden headjoint looks good; somehow I thought it would sound a little “woodier” (rounder, warmer). I probably need to play around with it a bit; I’m still so excited about what you did with my flute! Anyway, thank you for everything, Juan.
Best regards,
T. Jacas
Arlington, MA
WOW!!! Great headjoint Juan-very fine craftsmanship and response!!!! I am impressed-I will be playing on that baby this Sunday at church-I play with a guy who has stuff all over the world and used to be in a top band in Germany-also has produced a lot of stuff for artists in many countries… Thanks so much for the beautiful job and your commitment to the craft.
Take care,
B. Gregory
Dublin, OH
Dear Juan
I love both the flute and piccolo wooden headjoints. The people that hear me play that flute headjoint say it is just beautiful, nothing like they’ve ever heard. Everyone LOVES that wooden flute headjoint! You ought to hear the comments I get. And guess what — I can NOW get that high A perfectly on my flute. I could never imagine playing with my metal headjoint again. I don’t like playing with that one any more — I leave it at home. And the high notes on the piccolo are also very easy with your headjoint, whereas they were hard on the original Haynes headjoint. I can play up to high B on the piccolo, although I never need anything past high A.
Thank you for all your help with the headjoints and for the fine work that you do with them.
N. Kusche
Glendale, AZ
Dear Juan
I must admit you were right. This is a very rich sound all through the registers of the instrument that I like very, very much. I wasn’t expecting so much. I thank you very much for your kindness, efficiency, humanity, and competence and for the great opportunity you gave me to be the happy owner of two wonderful headjoints.
F. Dozin
Dear Juan.
The fitting of the wooden headjoint to my Muramatsu worked very well, and I enjoy playing on the wood more than my sterling heads.
The wood is a more personal, warmer, more human voice than the metal; it is friendlier.
I played your headjoint for one of my students who has studied with me for some years and knows my sound very well. From the first notes, I looked over at her and she was smiling at the sound….your headjoint provokes that reaction.
I especially want to thank you for the ” little adjustments” you performed on my flute. My flute had been factory overhauled and then adjusted by a very well known and respected repair tech in N.Y. However, my flute PLAYS FAR BETTER after your adjustments than ever before. Your ‘tune-up’ of my flute brought out the potential I always believed was there.
Thank you again for your inspired work. I plan on sending you some other instruments for your wonderful tuning .
D. Gilbert
Ann Arbor, MI
Hi Juan:
You are a true master craftsman & artisan. I’m very impressed with your workmanship. God bless you for using the gifts and talents He has given you. They bless and enrich musicians lives and help us achieve our dreams and goals. Ultimately, listeners are blessed with better quality music.
I was feeling a little guilty and uncomfortable about spending what seemed like a lot of money to me for the alto flute headjoint (after purchasing the concert flute headjoint). After playing it on the gig tonight I can now say that it was worth every penny and I feel like I got a great bargain. The guys in the band are amazed at the difference in my sound and so am I. You’ve made me very happy. Now my problem is that I just want to play my flutes all the time. I’m a proud owner and player of J. Novo wood headjoints. Also, thanks for the great tech & cleaning job you did on my flute. I’m looking forward to having you do more instrument work for me in the future. My jazz band ‘Slipstream’ is in the process of getting our web site done. I’ll be promoting your headjoints and putting a link to your site on my page.
Thank you so very much.
B. Kenerson
Myrtle Beach, SC
Dear Juan:
The headjoint and flute arrived safe and sound today and all I can say is WOW! I am still a relatively new player, but now hitting notes in the 3rd octave is virtually effortless with the lower ranges still solidly intact. Thank you for producing such a great product. I actually had a lesson today and my instructor was so impressed, he called his mentor instructor! I also received your headjoint care instructions and will take every precaution to make sure this headjoint gives me years of playing satisfaction.
Thanks again and best regards,
J. Nelson
Windsor, CA
Dear Juan
I picked up my folder Saturday for Band tonight and I’ve been reading through the Flute and Piccolo parts. Today’s focus has been on piccolo and I cannot believe the difference the work you did on it and the responsiveness of the piccolo headjoint you made for me!
I am so excited to play these pieces at rehearsal now. The work you did on my piccolo and the new headjoint really make me sound like an awesome player. Thank you soooooo much!
S. Kleinschmidt
Ketchikan, AK
Dear Juan
I am very happy with the wooden headjoint. I am amazed at how responsive it is and how easy it is to achieve high C. It’s better than the silver headjoint the flute came with. I’m very happy with everything. Thank you.
R. Swint
Chicago, IL

Dear Juan
I really love my new headjoint. The sound is great, and it plays so easily. For an amateur like me, it is making some of those difficult high notes that much easier!
S. Lewis
Tustin, CA
Dear Juan
My flute with your wooden headjoint arrived on Saturday right before I took off to my performances! I am a very happy musician and everyone whom I performed with had nothing but compliments on the improved sound. When I played my first few notes with the wooden headjoint I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! I still have a smile on my face every time I play it. Thank you so much and I will send you a copy of my debut album as soon as it is completed.
A. Gonzalez
Amherst, MA