Ordering Info

Since all headjoints are custom-made to order to satisfy your specific needs, we need to communicate with you in order to determine exactly what your needs are. Please send an e-mail to corban36@aol.com with your contact information and allow 24 hours for a response. We will never sell or give your information to a 3rd party company.
The J. Novo wooden headjoint was designed to be used primarily on the professional model sterling silver or gold concert flutes. Although they will perform beautifully on any pro model flute regardless of brand and greatly improve their tone quality, projection, and response, they do perform their best on Haynes, Powell, Brannen, Muramatsu, Yamaha, and other pro flutes of similar quality. Moreover, even though they were designed primarily for professional model flutes, the pro model J. Novo wooden headjoint can also be used on an intermediate model flute which will greatly enhance its performance and greatly enrich its tone production for a lot less than what it costs to replace it with a pro model instrument.
In fact, a high-quality intermediate model flute equipped with a pro model J. Novo wooden headjoint is such a powerful combination that not even a pro model flute can beat it on tone quality, projection, and response regardless of brand. Wooden headjoints to fit other models, such as alto flute, bass flute, 5-key flute, and others, are also available upon request.
In keeping with our tradition, we are having a special sale this month. This makes it easier to purchase a headjoint for yourself or for a loved one. A limited number of headjoints will be sold during this special sale, so take advantage of this great opportunity and purchase your J. Novo wooden headjoint today while the sale is on. Your purchase will be a wise investment that you will treasure for the rest of your life. (Makes a great gift for that special flutist in your life!) Take a look at these great sale prices!


WE NOW OFFER A ONE WEEK TRIAL PERIOD (Headjoint can be returned after one week trial if not completely satisfied. See return policy below.)


The retail price for the professional model Grenadilla headjoint is $ 1,599.00, but it is now available to you for only $ 1,299.00 during our special sale this month. And the NEW intermediate model Grenadilla headjoint – designed specifically for the semi-professional player – which retails for $ 1,199.00, is currently available for only $ 999.00 during our sale.  Our small but powerful piccolo headjoint, which lists for $ 999.00, can also be purchased for only $ 799.00 during this special sale. Other models/prices are available upon request.

The New Intermediate Model Headjoint

The difference between the professional model headjoint and the intermediate model headjoint is that the pro model has a parabolic bore, a custom hand-cut embouchure hole (3 different cuts to choose from), and a Mother-of-Pearl inlay on the crown, and the intermediate model headjoint does not have any of these features.
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 Our “Two Heads Are Better Than One” Special
Due to popular demand, we are again having the “Two Heads Are Better Than One” sale where you can purchase two professional model wooden headjoints for only $ 1,999. This sale is designed for those of you who would like to have two headjoints with different embouchure hole styles; for example, one Standard and one Habanero, or one Standard and one Concertmaster, or any other combination. You can also purchase two piccolo headjoints – with different embouchure holes – for only $ 1,250 during this sale.
These are GREAT bargains! Don’t miss them!
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Returns, Fitting Work, and our Two Year Warranty

RETURNSAll return requests must be made directly to us within 7 days of receipt. If you are not satisfied with your new J. Novo wooden headjoint, we will gladly refund your sale payment in full less shipping charges (U.S.A. sales only). Return shipping/insurance charge will be paid by the buyer (headjoint must be properly insured). Headjoint must be returned directly to us via USPS mail and must be mailed back to us no later than 7 days after you receive it. This means you have an entire week (7 days) to play your new J. Novo wooden headjoint and decide if you want to keep it or not. Please contact us within the 7 day period to notify us of the return so we can process your return and refund. The returned headjoint must not be damaged, cracked, or altered in any way and all conditions of the return policy must be met in order to qualify for a full refund. Once the headjoint is received, inspected, and approved by us (usually within 2-3 business days of receipt), your refund will be processed. However, if the headjoint is found to be damaged, cracked, and/or altered in any way, it will be returned to the buyer and no refund will be issued. In the unlikely event that a headjoint is damaged in transit, we require phone notification within 3 days of your receipt. A timely claim must also be made by the buyer to the carrier responsible for the shipment. If a return request is not made to us within 7 days of receipt, the sale becomes final.
Once you purchase a J. Novo wooden headjoint, you have the option of having the headjoint fitted to your flute by either us or by someone else. If we do the fitting, the headjoint will be properly fitted to your flute and a two year warranty against cracks will accompany the headjoint. There is a $ 25.00 fitting fee for all U.S. buyers. If the headjoint cracks within two years of purchase, we will repair it free of charge to the original purchaser excluding shipping charges.
If the repair is not possible, we will replace the headjoint at no additional cost to the original purchaser excluding shipping charges. (Accidental damage, abuse, and/or neglect voids the warranty. Limit of one replacement headjoint per customer.) However, if the fitting is done by someone else, no warranty will accompany the headjoint since the headjoint may crack during the fitting process if not done properly. Headjoints sent to foreign countries will not carry the two year warranty against cracks because the fitting work will not be done by us (unless you send us the flute for fitting). Each headjoint comes with detailed instructions on how to properly care for it. Please keep in mind that with the Novo headjoint, there is no “playing in” period due to the superior quality of the wood.
Alto and bass flute headjoints are also available in wood.
For info on professional J. Novo Piccolo Headjoints, click HERE


Mr. Novo is a graduate of the former Spokane Falls School of Instrument Repair in Spokane, Washington. He is an accomplished musical instrument repair/restoration specialist with 38 years experience in the field. Mr. Novo was awarded two U.S. patents on instrument and component design and has been making professional quality wooden headjoints for the flute family of instruments since 1983. If you do not have access to professional quality repair/restoration work for your treasured musical instrument: student, intermediate, or professional, write to us through the link shown above and we’ll be happy to assist you with your repair needs. Custom work is also available for all musical instruments. Professional references upon request.