Embouchure Holes

There are three J. Novo embouchure hole styles to choose from for the concert flute:

  • The hot and fiery Habanero style was designed for the Jazz artist, and specifically for the Latin-Jazz artist. With the Habanero, you can hit those very high notes in the clouds with ease and you can improvise – to your heart’s desire – with no problems whatsoever. Perfect for playing Jazz, Irish, Celtic, and Cuban Charanga music.
  • The Concertmaster style was designed specifically for the Classical music artist who is more “down to earth” and does not play all those high notes. With the Concertmaster, you get a big and full low register, a wide and lush middle register, and a third register that can be played with ease. Ideal for playing Classical, Baroque, Period music, etc.
  • The Standard style, our most popular model, is a compromise between the other two that is sure to please any artist regardless of style. Great for playing Jazz, Latin, Classical, Pop, Celtic, etc.
Please note: The intermediate model wooden headjoint comes with the Standard style embouchure hole.

WE NOW OFFER A ONE WEEK TRIAL PERIOD (Headjoint can be returned after one week trial if not completely satisfied. See return policy under “Ordering Info”.)