Celebrity Testimonials

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“It’s been a pleasure and an honor to have met Juan Novo. I consider him one of the best flute makers in the country. His unique design and creative talents make his headjoints a pleasure to play.”
-Dave Valentin


“I’ve used the beautiful J. Novo wooden headjoint exclusively for twenty years now. It has given great joy to myself and my audiences. Once, a fan described the sound as a tropical rain forest. Another was struck by the delicacy. One fan liked the warmth of the tone it produced. I agree with all of them. Personally, I found that my control of the upper register improved dramatically in the first week I played it. All in all, it has been a beautiful experience. I heartily recommend to all serious flutists that they try the Novo wooden headjoint. They’ll be glad they bought one.”
-Ira Sullivan


“Every Novo wooden headjoint is a beautiful work of art. Fantastic craftsmanship! They produce a lovely tone quality that is very rich. One can congratulate him on a great achievement.”
Louis Moyse


“I have been playing a Novo wooden headjoint on my silver flute for many years. As a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra I used it extensively in both concerts and recordings. The combination of a wooden headjoint and a metal body produces a quality of sound that is to my ear, and to many of my colleagues in the Orchestra, especially pleasing. I highly recommend the J. Novo wooden headjoint to any serious flutist.”
-Loren Lind – Philadelphia (Symphony) Orchestra


“All of my flutes have headjoints that were custom made for me by the manufacturer because I don’t use stock headjoints. I have tried many wooden headjoints throughout the years. I met Juan Novo one day, tried his headjoints, and purchased one of them. I am glad to say that I am very happy with it. His headjoints don’t have that rough, metallic edge that metal headjoints have. Instead they produce a tone that is very rich and very full. In short, a very beautiful sound.”
-Mauricio Smith


“I got the headjoint and I can’t put it down….the feel of wood on my lip is so different than metal and the flute seems more free blowing and the high register comes out easier and cleaner…I can’t wait to come off the road and let flute players from a near by college NJCU check this out. Thank you oh so much…you are an expert craftsman!!!…peace”
-Dave Watson (Flutist for Alicia Keys)


Jazz flutist Nestor Torres says he uses only the wooden mouthpieces made by Novo. “That’s my sound, because my sound is mellower,” Torres said. “I may need more headjoints. I hope he gets to market his products because they’re innovative. His wood headjoints are the best made now.”
-Article written by Miami Herald Staff Writer, Bea Moss


“It was such a pleasure meeting you. The very first event I performed with your wooden headjoint, my band and guests commented on the warm and wonderful sound as well as the flexible qualities your wooden headjoint added to my flute playing.  It has been a wonderful addition to the colorful palette of music we perform. Thank you for the chance to meet with you.  I count it a true blessing to have the opportunity to play your work of art.  My Jazz Quartet just performed at the Winter Park Art Show with smooth jazz station WLOQ – 103.1 in March 2009 – the crowd loved the sound! Please list me as a reference any time.”
-Shannon Caine (Flutist, recording artist, and director of Beautiful Music – Orlando FL)


Fiery Wood!
“The blazing heat you get from a Juan Novo Habanero flute headjoint is such a major rush to play on. The response is crisp and nimble with all kinds of power and vocal range. Within minutes of playing around with this headjoint we were completely absorbed in the sound. The color just pours out of it. This is a perfect Grenadilla headjoint for jazz, Gaelic or Latin Jazz players who want to see what their flutes can really do during a gig. This one will light it up! It’s got Juan Novo’s signature power and control, with mad amounts of resonance and heart… and, of course, it projects like a lighthouse. Improvisation is nearly effortless on this gorgeous twig… just blow and it’s right there with you. You’ve simply got to try it to know what we’re talking about.”
-J.L. Smith & Co. – Charlotte, NC