A Word of Caution


Imitations In The Marketplace

Many thinned wooden headjoints on the market today resemble the J. Novo headjoint on the outside but these are only imitations. The unique “ultra-thin” design: the external look and shape of the J. Novo thinned wooden headjoint, was invented by Mr. Juan Novo in 1983.  Moreover, and more importantly, the shape of the bore and the configurations of the embouchure hole (which you can’t see) are only two of several features that make the J. Novo headjoint play better than all the imitations on the market today.

Please beware of cheap, mass-produced copies that are made from inferior quality wood, have silver plated nickel silver (German silver) tenon tubes, and come with no warranty against cracks. Every J. Novo headjoint is hand made from premium grade Grenadilla wood and is fitted with a sterling silver tenon tube. And most importantly, every J. Novo wooden headjoint comes with a full two year warranty against cracks. No matter how good the deal sounds, always insist on a two year warranty against cracks to protect your investment. Please keep these important facts in mind as you shop for a wooden headjoint. Why settle for a copy when you can have an original at a terrific and affordable price!

“The bitterness of poor quality will linger long after the sweetness of a low price has vanished”.

So, when you see an ultra-thin wooden headjoint on the market that resembles the J. Novo headjoint, remember that the J. Novo headjoint is the “Real McCoy”. The Original ultra-thin wooden headjoint.

Every J. Novo headjoint bears the hand-carved J. Novo logo and a serial number for identification.




Every J. Novo headjoint is entirely made in the U.S.A.