The Secret is Out!

The secret to having a big, gorgeous, and beautiful flute sound is no longer a secret thanks to Mr. J. Novo, maker of the J. Novo wooden flute headjoint. Controlled scientific tests have finally confirmed that 95 – 98% of the tone color of the flute (the “sound” of the flute) is produced only by the headjoint and by the headjoint alone. The headjoint, therefore, is the most important part of the flute in regards to how the flute will sound when it is played. Thus, the headjoint is the heart of the flute. It is through the headjoint that the air column inside the flute is energized, set on fire, and brought to life in a musical phrase.

Many flutists are now discovering that nothing beats the big and rich sound of a wooden flute. However, a wooden headjoint on a metal flute will produce the same tonal quality of sound as a flute made entirely of wood. So, if you already own a metal flute (silver plated, sterling silver, or gold) but you prefer the deeply rich, full, and big sound produced by wooden flutes and perhaps are thinking of purchasing one, save your money! You don’t have to buy another flute! The J. Novo wooden headjoint on your metal flute is all you need to get that big beautiful sound. Thanks to Mr. Novo and his clients, many flutists are now discovering that you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a wooden flute, or a solid silver, gold, or platinum headjoint to get a fabulous, professional sound. All you need is the J. Novo wooden headjoint on your flute.

This musician appreciated the J. Novo wooden flute headjoint so much that she dedicated this song to him.

Professional flutists who perform and record using the J. Novo wooden headjoint includes: Grammy award winner Jazz flutist Dave Valentin, Loren Lind (Philadelphia Orchestra), Jazz legend Ira Sullivan, Dave Watson (Alicia Keys), Nestor Torres, and many others. These well-known artists purchased their own J. Novo headjoints and did not receive them for free in exchange for an endorsement. They do not officially endorse the J. Novo headjoint – nor do they need to. They play them because they like them and are absolutely delighted with them, and of course, we want you to know that.

And while it is true that any of these pros can sound great even on a Bundy headjoint, the fact is that they sound fantastic on the J. Novo wooden headjoint. And as you and I know, there’s nothing wrong with getting an even bigger and richer sound than the one you already have. In fact, this is precisely why they purchased a J. Novo wooden headjoint! And now you too can have a fantastic sound as well.

Mr. Valentin was selected by music arranger Dave Grusin to play on a J. Novo wooden headjoint on the soundtrack of the major motion picture HAVANA, starring Robert Redford, because of the beautiful tone it produced.

ONE WEEK TRIAL PERIOD (Headjoint can be returned after one week trial if not completely satisfied. See return policy under “Ordering Info”.)